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x86, x64, ARM

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A modern Terminal client for Windows 8 and Win-RT. Connect to remote host using the SSH and Telnet protocols. The full featured terminal emulator works with remote shells and apps such as Bash, ZShell, Emacs, Vim, Nano, and many others. A scrollable history buffer supports Copy, Paste, and Save to file. Connect to multiple host simultaneously in a tab-like interface. Save and group your favorite connections, and share them between devices with import/export features. Supports multiple font sizes, resolutions, landscape, portrait, and snapped view modes. See for help, news, or share your comments and suggestions.


Connection Manager to quickly launch and organize your favorite connectionsConnect to multiple host simultaneously, in a tab-like interface.Designed for touch and physical keyboards on Tablets, Laptops, and Desktop.Hybrid terminal emulation supports ASCII, VT100, ANSI, LINUX, and XTERM standardsPassword, Private-Key and Keyboard-Interactive authenticationFully scrollable buffer with Copy, Paste, and Save functions.Multiple font sizes, resolutions, landscape, portrait, and snapped view modes.Uses the latest SSH Version2 encryption standardsUTF-8 encoding for all international keyboard languages

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快適度がアップ!「Windows 8.1 Update 1」特集