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Block World

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英語 (米国)
x86, x64, ARM

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You have the power over an infinite world of Blocks in BlockWord!Explore diverse biomes from deep arctic oceans to mountainous plains. Build villages, cities, monumental constructions and much more, featuring a rich set of dye colors, that can change the color of ANY block in an INFINITE sized world.This is the ULTIMATE creative block experience on ANY platform!Advanced touch friendly controls, Xbox 360 gamepad support and the precision of mouse and keyboard all come together to make BlockWorld a game that feels at home on ALL of your Windows 8 machines. With more updates coming soon to this already complete and polished game, BlockWorld will only increase in value and fun after you purchase!What are you waiting for? This is a game that only gets better with time so get it while it's cheap!


Infinite Terrain, with Biomes and Oceans.Amazing HD 60fps 3D graphics.Touch Screen, Gamepad and Mouse & Keyboard support.Over 360 unique blocks to build with, with many that interact to create new types.Almost 100 unique items and dyes to shape your world.Regular and Free Updates!Third person view.Powerful options and game controls.4 Guns, including a rocket launcher!Flowing water.Powerful explosives!Take real in game photos with the Camera.Persistent world damage OR instant block destruction.Bows and arrows, swords and axes.Achievements!

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