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Comix is a comic reader supporting CBZ, CBR, CB7, ZIP, RAR, and 7z formats.

For everyone who have a small or large collection, a library mode allows you to browse your books by cover, just select the folder / folders where you store your collections.
It supports unlimited subfolders and switch the view between Books and Folders (sub collections)

A custom implementation of Skydrive and Dropbox api integration, allows to stream CBR, RAR, CBZ, ZIP files. 7z, cb7 will need to be downloaded. Skydrive and Dropbox folders can be added to the library for easy access, and have the same functionality as local.

It includes access to read the over 10,000 books from the Digital Comic Museum, allowing you to enjoy all those gems from Golden era rescued by them and their supporters.

The reader allows pages to be maximised, fit to screen, rotated, joined and browse in thumbnail mode. You can also share individual pages using the Share Charm.

Full support for landscape and portrait mode, when in landscape you can read in double page mode.

You can switch the reading, and gestures. Left to Right - Right to Left

You can mark your books as read in your local library and filter them in your collections.

Please see the features below for help on usage.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, requests and support. Please continue sending your emails at or in our facebook page In the unlikely event there is a bug please report them at the same email.

NOTE: We cannot respond to reviews so please contact us directly for any request or issue.


Open and read any comic (*.cbz ,*.cbr, *.cb7, *.zip, *.rar, *.7z)
Designed for Touch, Mouse and Keyboard mode
Browse all pages in thumbnail mode
Join, rotate, fit to screen or maximise pages
Library mode to browse all books, integrated for both local, Skydrive and Dropbox
Designed to support landscape, portrait and snapped view.
Touch Mode: Pinch and Zoom and panning of pages
Touch Mode:Double tap or Swipe on either right or left of the screen to move a page forward or backwards
Mouse Mode: Press Ctrl and Mouse Wheel to Zoom, Right Click and drag to pan
Mouse Mode: Double click or Swipe on either right or left of the scrren to move a page forward or backwards
Keyboard Mode: Press Ctrl and + to Zoom in, Press Ctrl and - to Zoom out, or Ctrl Arrow Up and Ctrl Arrow Down
Keyboard Mode: Press Space, Arrow Right to move to the Next Page, Press Backspace, Arrow Left to move to the Previous Page
Keyboard Mode: Use arrow keys to Pan.
Touch Mode: Douple tap at centre screen to switch between maximised or fit to screen
Mouse Mode: Douple screen at centre screen to switch between maximised or fit to screen
Keyboard Mode: Press M to maximise and F to view page full screen
Mouse Mode: Scroll to move pages
Mark Books as Read, and filter if needed
Switch reading direction and gestures (Left to Right - Right To Left)
Support for WebP images allows you to reduce the size of your book collection.

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